The first temple I visit in India (12jan2011)is the KamashiAmman

Indian women dress a shari : it's a factory long about 20 feets(6 meters) fit all aroud the body.

The Kamakshi Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Kamakshi(wife of shiva), one of the forms of the goddess Parvati. It is located in the historic city of Kanchipuram, near Chennai, India and is popularly associated with Sankaracharya, one of the greatest Hindu gurus

The present Kamakshi temple too, has a Sri Chakra which was established during the 16th Century by NrusimhAdvari, of the famous dathamAnji family. There is a stone inscription inside the new temple, near this Sri Chakra, which states this fact

It is noteworthy that the presently famous Kamakshi temple was a Buddhist Tara Devi temple until the earlier part of the 11th century. It was slowly converted into a Sakta temple from the latter part of the 11th century onwards. The Siruthondar Puranam of Sekkilar Peruman, written during this time, is aware of both the temples and mentions the original temple as the Yoga Peeta and the present Kamakshi devi temple as Bhoga peetam. 

A Gopuram or Gopura, is a monumental tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of any temple, especially in Southern India.

A gopuram is usually rectangular in form with ground-level wooden doors, often richly decorated, providing access. Above is the tapering gopuram, divided into many storeys which diminish in size as the gopuram tower narrows. Usually the tower is topped with a barrel vaulted roof with a finial

in every temple there is a holy lake for immersions and purifications

inside there is an infinity forest of column

and altar for gods with brahmins

my frend now is full of holy spirit



about one hour later ,in kachipuram,I visit the Kailasanathar temple in sand stone:it was built in VIII sec. A.D.

 see the vimana,below

There is a small passage entrance to the right of the shivalingam through which all devotees are asked to go around the lingam. Exit is small like the entrance...Entire going around can be done by walking around. Crawl to get in, walk around and then crawl to get out by the left side of the lingam. This signifies that we crawl our initial days and then walk and grow and then crawl back again. This way Shiva ensures that there is no punarjanma or rebirth for the souls who completes this round.

It also contains numerous panels showing lord Siva as Nataraja in various postures.:

Nataraja or Nataraj is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for godBrahma to start the process of creation.

This temple was built by Pallava King Narasimhavarman II (Rajasimhan).

Now I 'm shure he is shiva lord!!!!