martedì 18 gennaio,dalla montagna siamo scesi verso il mare e siamo arrivati al lago di vembanadu

On jan 18 2011 from Peryar we drived to sea,back waterso called  because it's a big lake from Kumarakom to Cochin about 110km long

we eated in this farm

I opened my eyes and I saw a three I have never seen!

his name is Artocarpus : you can eat it but it's so hight!!!

and this is not still mature enough!!!!

In the afternoon we arrived to back waters ,we get a boat and we start to seek birds....


and sun falls down in a timeless darkness

I sleep in this hotel : there are no car all around ,only mosquitoes and  I will try to suck their blood!!!

when I get up in the morning I saw many interesting plants: I think this is a palm of madagascar

I don't know why ,but this is devil tree....


Cinzina told me that the name of this flower is plumeria :I can  sleep good tonight!!!!!


at 11 a.m. we start with houseboat to chochin

wilma,paola and me ....alone in the same boat....

I fall in love with her but she flyed in the wind.....

we stopped five minutes to pray our god......

and we browse again ! Here you can see rise growning in the water.

there are no streets and houses are simply and little

little bananas grows all along the channel

as we arrived I remember when I was a child , my grandmother Ester sented me to buy ice.......